Firmware Batch Tools (Alpha) Introduction

FirmwareBatchTools is a flexible tool set for production programming and firmware (file) manipulation. It is designed to be as versatile as possible through the use of a fully configurable task list, a virtual firmware memory representation and user parameters, called “variables”, that can contain any text or calculatable numeric expression..



  • Works for all embedded systems that allow command line programming
  • Set up projects with individual task lists
  • Read and write Intel hex and binary files to / from RAM
  • Serial numbering – consecutive number generation for each run
  • User defined variables can store Text and are able to calculate integers
  • Patch variables like the serial number into firmware before programming it
  • File logging for every run, user-definable format
  • One Click action for each run minimizes the overhead after setup
  • GUI and Command line version




Also, please note that this is an alpha version! Please report any bugs to the mail address in the Contact/Impressum page.